Why We Choose Ivy / Houzz Pro…

As a cloud-based accounting technology firm, Logistis for Designers’ mission is to help designers focus on what they do best.  We understand that designers can feel preoccupied running their businesses and our job is to alleviate the burden for designers trying to manage their finances themselves. Based on our extensive research experience with other software, Ivy / Houzz Pro was our top choice that outperformed all other competing software for designers. Not only was it the top choice for our firm, but the designers we setup with Ivy / Houzz Pro also love it too, and we in turn love making them happy. We believe that Ivy / Houzz Pro is the future for designers and we love to see businesses flourish with the assistance of such a great program.
Connects to Quickbooks Online for extensive reporting
  • Ivy / Houzz Pro understands the importance of focusing on the designers’ experience and structuring an integration to QBO, which is the leading cloud-based accounting software.
  • With Ivy / Houzz Pro’s connection to QBO, the financial reporting is so much more robust with options. Because QBO is the leading cloud-based accounting software, they also integrate with many other platforms to take you wherever you need to go on your financial journey.
  • The Ivy / Houzz Pro + QBO connection feels like a limitless amount of reporting opportunities at your fingertips.
 Access to a network of design professionals

  • Ivy / Houzz Pro is all about community!  Ivy/Houzz Pro is truly invested in helping designers to be successful, we have seen it first hand.
  • The Ivy/Houzz Pro team has created such a wonderful community which has been invaluable to many of our designers.  Ivy / Houzz Pro has created a space for others to share stories, tools, documents, and so much more.
  • We believe this philosophy to be in line with our own business objectives for collaboration, growth and success. Kudos on culture, Ivy / Houzz Pro, we love it!
Easy to learn and easy to use

  • Designers love that Ivy / Houzz Pro is extremely easy to learn.
  • Ivy / Houzz Pro was specifically created for the user as a designer. You no longer have to know all the nitty-gritty of accounting to run a successful firm through design software.

Get paid faster

  • When we switch a designer to Ivy / Houzz Pro, from other interior design specific software, the most common feedback we hear is that their clients pay faster.
  • Due to the reduced wait time on payments, designers get paid faster and then they can start purchasing for their projects sooner. It’s a win, win!

Learn more about Ivy / Houzz Pro…

Ivy/Houzz Pro is the fastest-growing business management platform for design firms. Ivy / Houzz Pro brings the trade industry into the modern age by streamlining and automating a design firm’s workflow and business operations, including procurement, client billing, vendor purchasing, and time tracking. Using Ivy / Houzz Pro, interior design firms can:

  • Increase productivity and efficiency by centralizing essential business tasks in one place
  • Source product specs and images from vendors’ sites into a digital library of products
  • Create beautifully branded documents, including proposals, tear sheets, room boards, invoices, and purchase orders
  • Get paid faster by invoicing and collecting clients payments online
  • Manage payment and furniture schedules

To learn more about Ivy / Houzz Pro and how it works, schedule a personal consultation with an Ivy / Houzz Pro representative. They’ll get on a call to learn about how you currently manage your billing, purchasing, and administrative tasks. They’ll then show you how Ivy/Houzz Pro can support your unique business model. Click here to schedule your personal consultation with Ivy / Houzz Proimage 100205894 14068878.

Need Help With Ivy / Houzz Pro?

Whether you need help setting up Ivy / Houzz Pro, migrating to Ivy / Houzz Pro, or just need hourly consulting on Ivy / Houzz Pro, we can help.