Meet The Team

Emilie Naderzad
emilie sheaffer


As the CEO of Logistis for Designers, Emilie Sheaffer wears many hats. Since co-founding Logistis for Designers in 2017, the business has seen rapid growth—not only has the team expanded, but they’ve been able to continuously improve the lives of their clients—a priceless reward. Emilie’s ultimate goal is to make life less stressful for interior designers, and by streamlining processes and finding simple, effective solutions to complex issues, she’s earned a reputation for doing just that. At home in sunny southern California, Emilie enjoys unwinding on the beach with her husband John and their baby, Cielle.

Marissa McKinney
marissa jones


After founding her first firm, Logistis, Marissa Jones began to notice her interior design clients had more complex accounting needs than most creatives, leading her to co-found Logistis for Designers as a separate, dedicated firm. Marissa is a strategist and entrepreneur at her core—as a business advisor, she helps interior designers define financial best practices for their businesses and tap into areas of growth they’ve been reaching for. Based in Santa Barbara, she aims to set a good example of work-life balance for her two daughters, and strives to ensure her team feels the same way.


Celine Halim
celine halim


Though she eventually studied business administration, Celine has a passion for architecture and design—she spent many hours of her childhood sketching out rooms and buildings. After graduating from the University of Southern California, she joined the Logistis for Designers team as our Lead Entry Bookkeeper. A self-described perfectionist, Celine goes above and beyond to triple-check for accuracy. Being both creative and analytical, she excels when it comes to visualizing data for clients. Celine enjoys cooking Asian fusion dishes with her mom, and, when it’s not busy tax season, watching Architectural Digest videos.

Andie Nelson
andie nelson


A QuickBooks Certified Pro Advisor, Andie brings over 20 years of experience in finance to her role as Accountant and Integration Specialist at Logistis for Designers. She masters new technology at lightspeed, and considers cleanup her speciality—of the accounting type, of course. Andie is our resident expert when it comes to Ivy and Houzz Pro, and her analytical skills shine when it’s time to create and enact more efficient processes. A true music lover, Andie seeks out live concerts whenever she gets the chance. Andie also has a big heart for animals, but for now, her only pet is a goldfish that her daughter named “Boy.”

Joe Palmieri
joe palmieri


Crunching numbers is second nature to Joe, which is why he feels right at home as our sales tax expert. After leaving corporate life, Joe joined our team, excited to have a role where he really gets to be of service and make a difference for his clients. There’s nothing Joe loves more than being proactive and diving into the nitty gritty of sales taxes nuances, simplifying complexities, and giving clients peace of mind plus time back in their day. Joe currently lives on Long Island. When he’s not rooting for a win for the New York Giants, he can be found backpacking in the mountains or on the court playing volleyball and dodgeball.

Edith Dunn
edith dunn


Having a Bachelor of Fine Arts in illustration and over 5 years of experience in bookkeeping and operations, Edith’s passion for keeping things orderly and under control led her to pursue a career in accounting. She started as a bookkeeper in the back office of a gourmet grocery store in Brooklyn.

As an accountant, Edith’s key strengths and skills include excellent attention to detail, problem-solving ability, and a great memory for noticing discrepancies and errors. Outside of work, she enjoys illustration and graphic design.

With a unique perspective and a sense of humor, Edith brings valuable and enjoyable qualities to the Logistis for Designers team.

taren coulter


Meet Taren, an experienced accounting professional with a focus in Business Administration and a Quickbooks Pro Advisor certification. Committed to helping business owners achieve financial success, she is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s in Accounting.

With expertise in tax preparation, financial data analysis, and a diverse client portfolio spanning construction, landscaping, medical offices, and interior design, Taren’s attention to detail and problem-solving skills set her apart.

Taren’s unwavering commitment to ongoing learning and staying at the forefront of industry advancements ensures that she upholds the highest standards in her work.

Outside of work, Taren enjoys kayaking, hiking with her dogs, and savoring a good book with a cup of coffee.

Jordon Mindoro
jordan mindoro


Jordan is somewhat of a unicorn: He truly enjoys getting curious about the ever-changing landscape of sales tax. Known around our virtual office as an A-class team player and collaborator, Jordan has an impressively keen eye—he can spot a discrepancy between reports from miles away. At Logistis for Designers, there’s nothing Jordan finds more satisfying than watching client’s design projects come to life. Though he wouldn’t call himself a creative, he has the utmost respect for MCM design, and he can always lose himself in the imaginative magic of Disney World—which is conveniently located just down the street from his home.

Jeremy Niswonger
jeremy niswonger


I began my accounting journey at California State University, Long Beach, where I graduated with a degree in business finance. I specialize in financial reporting, tax preparation, and tax planning for small businesses and individuals. My passion for finance and accounting has developed into a forward-thinking, unique, and dynamic perspective as a CPA. I am passionate about forming meaningful relationships with our clients. I want to help designers understand their taxes and finances in a way that helps them best develop and grow their business!

Tyler Petrick
tyler petrick


Having over 9 years of working in multiple sectors of the Interior Design industry, Tyler brings a wealth of experience to her role as Client Manager. She has worked as a Designer on both residential and boutique commercial projects, Retail Sales Design Consultant, Procurement and Project Management Specialist and Organizational Structure Consultant. With a passion for interior design, and a true problem solver by nature, Tyler seeks to support her clients as their businesses grow by providing them with a clear financial picture and advising on best practices within the Ivy/Houzz Pro software. Tyler currently lives in Austin, TX with her husband, Shea, and their dog, Stevie Nicks. Aside from her role as Client Manager at Logistis, Tyler works as a Designer and Project Manager for a local design firm. She enjoys spending her free time working on house projects, reading and traveling.