Meet Us

Marissa McKinney 1

Marissa McKinney

Logistis for Designers is a true passion for Marissa. Marissa started Logistis 1.0 in 2014, looking to help creative agencies with their financial and accounting needs. However, Marissa has always had a special love for interior designers. As fate would have it, Logistis’ portfolio became more than 50% interior design, which is when Marissa met Emilie. Marissa quickly realized that Emilie shared the same special love for interior design and was also full of the same entrepreneurial spirit as she was. Like a true match made in Heaven, Marissa and Emilie decided to develop their own firm dedicated specifically to designers. Behold, Logistis for Designers was born!

Marissa and Emilie’s mission was to help deliver the best available tools to designers to help them develop a comprehensive view of their business’ financial profile. Marissa knew that knowing your numbers is critical to the growth and success of any business and she wanted to help interior designers achieve that growth and success in order to achieve their dreams. Like Marissa always says “you can’t know where you are going if you don’t know where you are!

The duo has stayed true to their mission and continue to build Logistis for Designers upon a solid foundation of passion, honesty, and integrity.

Emilie Naderzad 2

Emilie Naderzad

I started working with Marissa and as our client base filled with interior designers, we decided to combine our passion for helping designers with opportunity and founded Logistis for Designers (LOGD). I believe that no two interior design businesses are the same and your accounting services and systems of processes should be tailored specifically to meet the needs of your business.

Designers need a partner in managing their business and everything we do at Logistis for Designers aligns with providing a partner for our designers.

Celine Halim

Celine Halim

Celine is the newest addition to our Logistis for Designers team. She started with us as a bookkeeper in the Summer of 2020 and is now overseeing our Entry Packages.

Celine recently graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Southern California. Before joining our team, Celine developed her analytical skills through data analysis experience, where she learned extraordinary focus, organization, and attention to detail. Celine is passionate about helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses by making strategic decisions based on accurate financial reporting. These qualities make Celine an invaluable asset to our growing team.

When she is not bookkeeping, Celine likes to binge-watch cooking videos and enjoys trying out new recipes for her friends and family.


Johnny Chau

After graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from California State University, Los Angeles Johnny Chau started working as a bookkeeper for Logistis for Designers in January 2020. His current role has expanded as he has taken on more client responsibilities.

Before joining Logistis for Designers, Johnny gained experience in data entry, which further grew his analytical skillset and made him a great fit for our team. Johnny currently handles our Essentials packages.

We value Johnny because of his integrity. What Johnny values most is honesty, which he stands by when it comes to communicating any issues or changes that will affect his clients. He has helped grow our business by maintaining both honesty and transparency with our designers, making sure they can grow their business knowing they are always taken care of.

Outside of work, Johnny is an avid traveler. He loves learning about the history and cultures of other countries. Some notable places Johnny has traveled to are Japan and Thailand.

Jordon Mindoro

Jordan Mindoro

We were pleased to welcome Jordan to our team after long employment with our parent company, Logistis, which he started working for in 2014. He has just finished graduate school and completed his CPA exams, and we are SO proud to call him part of the Logistis for Designers team!

Jordan’s expertises are sales tax filing, local city tax filings, payroll and advising designers throughout the country on sales tax compliance while also managing our elevated packages.

Outside of work, Jordan is a dog dad and logophile. He loves Korean food and LOTR on repeat. You can talk to him about topics in Public Finance, or don’t.

Jeremy Niswonger

Jeremy Niswonger

Jeremy Niswonger, principal, is a Certified Public Accountant. He specializes in financial reporting, tax preparation, and tax planning for small businesses and individuals.

Jeremy has spent over 15 years helping businesses with bookkeeping, auditing, payroll, taxes and profit maximization. With his extensive experience in public accounting, Jeremy has been able to work with a wide variety of our designers, making him a priceless resource within our team.

Jeremy began his CPA journey at California State University, Long Beach, where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business finance. His time spent studying finance in conjunction with accounting has shaped him to be a forward-thinking CPA with a unique and dynamic perspective. So, he’s pretty great.

Jeremy was hand-picked out of a sea of CPAs due to his vision and passion for the modern accounting approach. He is loved by clients for his ability to effortlessly connect with people in a way that improves understanding of taxes and while building meaningful and lasting working relationships.