Our team of accountants created a simplified list of Ivy’s updates for our busy designers. Read below for our quick list.

Add Multiple Images to Products & Services in Ivy

  • Now you can add multiple photos to a product or service in Ivy
  • While this feature is helpful for designers struggling to select only one photo, clients benefit as well from multiple views of the designer’s selection

360 Product View

  • Capability to edit a product anywhere within Ivy
  • This includes the proposal stage, in an invoice, through the project tracker as a draft and in the purchase order
  • Good News! This feature will save time for designers since products can be edited instantly within a document versus going back to the original product
  • Ivy recommends adding as much information as possible when creating a product. The more information added, the more designers will benefit from the 360 feature.

The Option to Tax Markup Only

  • With this new update, designers have the ability to only charge tax on markup or charge tax on the entire item
  • For cost of goods sold, you should always charge tax on the entire item
  • This new feature is helpful if labor was marked up & in return only the markup is taxable

Updates to the Project Tracker

  • You can now filter the project by products vs. services, or by the status of approved, draft or declined
  • New Search option! Now you can search by any specific category on the project tracker. This will save time designers time when trying to locate items on larger projects.

Other Important Information

  • Look out for the eyeball icon in Ivy, which indicates the 360 feature
  • Our team loved the new 360 feature view on purchase orders offering a tab titled “Accounting”. Check it out! We know all our budget cautious designers will love it as well.
  • Our other favorite new feature is the schedule tab. You can easily add notes about a product’s ship date/timeline and it will automatically sync to the project tracker

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