Our Favorite Software for 2021

We have compiled a list of our favorite software for 2021, so you can start the year set-up for success! Whether you need to manage time, stay organized, get creative, or even help those in need – one of these tech platforms is for you. And, they have all been hand-picked by us, so you know they’re good!

Miro – Oh my Miro, I can’t get enough of this program. “The online collaborative whiteboard platform to bring teams together, anytime, anywhere.” Organize your team brain-dumps, embed Asana tasks as cards on an infinite online whiteboard, do your SWATS, get comments into slack, create concept action flow charts, roadmaps, team structure boards, and so much more.

Krisp – Wondering how to cancel out background noise in Zoom calls? Then keep reading to learn more about Zoom noise cancellation. This is a 2021-can’t-live-without.  If you have tiny tots walking in asking to wipe their butt in the middle of a presentation this is the app for you! No matter what your family or dog says at home others won’t hear a word!

Ivy/Houzz Pro – Of course we love this platform!  They have been our preferred partners for years.  They have a wonderful, easy to use, designer-friendly platform and we love that it integrates with our other preferred partner, QBO.

Bare Metrics – Customize the metrics that matter and have it all on one dashboard.  Their templates and integrations make getting started a breeze. Create custom benchmarks and stay on track. From client service to revenue stats, it tracks it all. This has a simple integration Stripe or Shopify account and you can start tracking immediately.

Time Doctor – Need more hands-on management for your expanding remote team? Join the wide range of businesses that swear by Time Doctor at a price that businesses of all sizes can manage. Not only does it track your team’s hours per task, but you also have the ability to set up distraction alerts, which remind you and your team to stay focused on important tasks during working hours. This doctor is the perfect partner to improve your business’s productivity and grow your business all with one simple tool!

Canva – Every small business can benefit from Canva if they do not have the budget for an in-house marketer. Take control of your brand by updating your logo, creating social media infographics, mailers and more. Our favorite feature of Canva is that you can create a branding kit that keeps all material on brand. Plus it is easy to use for those business owners who have little experience in creating marketing material.

15five – Give your managers the tools they need to keep their team engaged and motivated from anywhere. This platform has been praised for its ability to scale communication in a growing company. It has been described as a “game-changer” and “ a must-have for organizations!” Sounds good, but what exactly can it do? 15Five works to bring your whole team together and streamline the working environment within your company. It provides you with weekly updates and reminders that might make you maybe *almost* look forward to completing and sharing with your team! 15Five keeps you on track to document and modify the tactics and achievements around your performance, with a simplistic and systematic way to update weekly goals and tasks, and keep everyone in the loop. Sounds pretty great to me!

Meal Train – This app is an amazing way to give back to the community and let your loved ones know you are thinking about them. Meal Train lets you plan a meal-giving calendar so you can always keep track of who is in need of a little extra help, and when they might need it the most. Great ideas for meal-giving include post-surgery patients, expectant or new moms, elderly neighbors and family members, or anyone who could enjoy a delicious meal delivered to their door. The possibilities are endless! Meal Train partners with companies like grub-hub and door-dash to provide gift cards and services to your selected meal-receivers! Great technology with a fantastic mission – Need I say more?

What’s your favorite tech this year? Apps, Platforms, Software – we’d love to hear about it. Leave us a comment below!

Our Favorite Software for 2021


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