How Ivy’s Calendar Will Prepare You for What’s to Come This Year

Are you using Ivy’s Calendar? Here is why you should be.

The Ivy Calendar lives within a project and can also be viewed from the Plan page in Ivy.

  • Syncs to Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, & Outlook. Remember it is a one-way street. Events updated in Google, Apple or Outlook calendars will not sync to Ivy.
  • Utilize the To-Do List within the project’s plan page and it automatically syncs to your calendar.
  • Through the To Do’s, you have the ability to create tasks and assign them to members of your team, along with creating due dates. When a task is assigned to a member of your team they will receive an email notification.  
  • You can easily keep track of past due tasks in order to not miss any important deadlines. If a task in the To Do’s is not completed it will turn to red indicating the task is past due.
  • Dates from the project track sync to your calendar. For example: when products are estimated to ship or when a back-ordered item is available.
  • Ability to add custom events to the calendar.

If you are ready to use all that Ivy has to offer, you can check it out here.

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