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Designer Feature of The Month

This month we are excited to introduce one of our beloved designers and showcase a project she recently completed on an old 20th century home. Meet Beatriz Rose, of B…
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How Recent PPP Updates Affect Designers

Received PPP Funds? For all of our designers that received assistance through the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), we have the latest information regarding the Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act (PPPFA)…
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Ivy Updates for Our Busy Designers

Our team of accountants created a simplified list of Ivy’s updates for our busy designers. Read below for our quick list. Add Multiple Images to Products & Services in Ivy Now you can add multiple photos…
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Ivy Payment Processing

How Ivy Payment Processing Works: Common Q&A Ivy’s Processing System saves designers time by allowing for payments to be accepted through invoicing. Read our  some of our designer’s common questions…
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Year End Wrap-Up

As the year comes to an end, it is imperative to have all financial statements updated and accurate for IRS filings. Luckily, with Logistis for Designers’ services, your books are…
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How Do I 1099?

As, the end of the year is approaching getting a head start on collecting W-9’s is highly recommended. Your bookkeeper will be sending a list of contractors we recommend sending…
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Designers: Need Tax Planning Advice?

Look no further, Peter Lang of Designer CPA specializes in tax filing and planning for interior designers Watch Peter Lang’s Webinar thru Ivy or watch his recent video clip on…
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Our Recommended Processes for Ivy

In order to run more efficiently and ensure the best working relationship between accountant/design team, we are constantly looking for ways to update our methods and make them more efficient.…
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Missed Opportunities for Interior Designers

Missed Opportunities for Interior Designers Embedding Bookkeeping Fees into your Design Time: Recover your bookkeeping costs by adding administration fees to your design time. We noticed that many of our…
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Sales Tax Changes Companies Must Know

Read Article “Online retailers need to be ready no matter how the Supreme Court decides South Dakota v. Wayfair. Sales tax collection is almost certainly in their future, whether this…
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